About me


  • I was born in June 20, 1992 in Simav, Kutahya. I started primary school Simav Dort Eylul I.O.O. at the age of 7. I realized that I am interested in music and my family bought me a small piano in 2002. I was spending remarkable amount of time on learning it by myself since there was no piano teacher in my town in addition to lack of internet. When I was a student secondary school, I got a gift from my uncle; a guitar. Since I almost learned how to play small piano, it was not hard for me to learn how to play guitar. I decided to attend guitar lessons provided by my music teacher at secondary school. Not only were I interested with music but also I was playing soccer all the time with my classmates.


  • Simav NKAL was the high school I attended between 2006-2010. Since I was very social child and not hardworking one, I barely get enough points from exam to have a right to attend that high-school. I was 52. student out of 60. Biggest hobbies at those times were playing and singing music with close friends, playing soccer at school, playing video-games. The last year of the high school, I realized that I had to study to reach my goals in the life. After a harsh studying period, I won full-scholarship from Izmir University of Economics as Economics department student. I was the second most successful student graduated from NKAL.


  • The first year of the university, I was very active; I formed a music band called ‘Tale’ and we won a prize in the Pop Music Competition at Izmir University of Economics consisting of 10 music bands like us. I was singer and guitarist as well as founder of Tale. When I had free time, I was playing soccer, basketball and tennis with friends. University clubs took my attention much and I was active member of Economics, Music, Turkish Art Music groups during 4 years. We gave 3 concerts as Turkish Art Music Group where I was a chorist and performed(one of them can be reached if you click ‘hobbies’ tab).



IEU Music Competition – 2010                                                                   IEU TSM Concert – 2015


  • Since I am fond of Mathematics from my childhood, I decided to study math in addition to economics although some of my professors warned me that it is very hard to do it. Prof. Dr. Hakan Yetkiner was my macroeconomics professor who has huge impact on my life. He always encouraged me to try harder and directed me on my decisions. He mentioned that studying math as well as economics will make impact on my future and I followed his directions. In the end, I graduated from Izmir University of Economics as Economics and Mathematics student. On the other hand, in the 3rd year, I attended an Erasmus program provided by Izmir University of Economics and decided to make it in Lisbon, Portugal. ISEG was the university I attended and it has high quality business and management classes. Although it was an Erasmus program, I attended almost all the classes since that was tough school. I studied a lot, I enjoyed a lot, I traveled a lot. During 5 months, I traveled 6 countries including Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Madrid, Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin. I am the type of person who works hard and plays hard. When I came back, I started to work at a cafe as part time guitarist and singer.


Teras Cafe, Izmir                               Graduation Ceremony – 2016


  • Studying mathematics and economics with high GPA, having good results from GRE and TOEFL exams, good references opened me doors of United States. I was accepted to SUNY Binghamton University PhD Economics with a teaching assistant scholarship which finance myself fully in United States. After studying one and half year at the PhD Economics and working as a teaching assistant, I earned my MA Economics diploma and came back to Turkey. Being a student at Binghamton, having a chance to visit New York City especially Manhattan, being a teaching assistant of more than 180 students during 3 semesters were enormously wonderful experience for me. I learned English at University since teachers in high school was not that qualified and we, students, were not giving importance to learn it because of University Entrance Exam. It was indescribable feeling to teach Macroeconomics to more than 180 mostly American students in English as a Teaching Assistant in United states.


BU Teaching Assistant – 2017                                              MoMA Art Museum, NY – 2017